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Grandpa Hikaru Yaotome XD

Portrait Number 2

Doozo, Ryutaro Morimoto desu.
Artwork by yours truly
Date Accomplished: May 05, 2015

Portrait Number 1

Yey! Ryosuke Yamada Portrait here ^^
by yours truly
Date Accomplished: May 01, 2015

Shinpai Nai Yo: Yorokonde

Title: 心配 ないよ ‘喜んで’ Shinpai Nai Yo 'Yorokonde'
Writer: 仲間 光 Hikari Nakama
Nakashima Kota (Yabu Kota of Hey! Say! JUMP)
   -Kota is a hard-working father of two lovely daugthers. He is also a family-oriented person. He is a COOL dad and husband.
Nakashima Megumi
   -That is Kota's wife. Megumi is a sweet and loving mother to her children. She is very understanding and kind.
Nakashima Chizu
   -Chizu is the eldest child of the couple. She is described as a caring and loving sister to her sibling. She has a strong personality which makes her optimistic.
Nakashima Akemi
   -The youngest daughter of the couple, that's Akemi. She is playful and childish but not immatured. She loves music.
Hamada Natsu (Arioka Daiki of Hey! Say! JUMP)
   -Natsu is Kota's best friend and co-member in their band. He plays as the vocalist of the band. A cool future brother-in- law of Megumi.
Chieko Keiri
   -The younger sister of Megumi is Keiri. She is pretty and jolly. She is the fiancee of Natsu. She works as a flight attendant.
Shikata Iro (Nakajima Yuto)
   -Iro is one of the richest guys in school. He is simple yet cool enough to catch the eyes of the girls in the campus.
Shirogami Yuki (Chinen Yuri)
   -Playful and energetic, those are some of his attractive traits of Yuki. He is also a fun to-be-with guy. He is the cutest heart-throb of school.
Shikata Ryuya (Takaki Yuya of Hey! Say! JUMP)
   -Ryuya is one of the best players of basketball in their school. He is also one of the richest students. He is described as a "Bad Boy". He is a cousin of Iro.
Renbutsu Misako (herself)
   -Misako is a free-lance model of clothes. She is one of the unpopular student in school. She is raised with poor life condition.
Sato Reisuke (Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! JUMP)
   -Reisuke loves outdoor activities. He is naughty but charismatic guy. He is one of the hottest heart-throb in  school; he is a play boy. He is Iro's best friend.
Akiyama Ryoko
   -Ryoko is one of the famous ladies in school. She is the leader of the Girls' Club. She is friendly and beautiful.
Sato Daisuke (Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! JUMP)
   -Daisuke and Reisuke are twin. He is totally different with Reisuke: he is loner, a book lover, a top student and inactive in outdoor activities. He is Yuki's best friend.
Rein Aoi
   -Aoi is a kind and quiet, but a loyal friend of Misako. Same with her best friend, Misako, she is one of the unpopular girls of their school.
Uchida Taiyo (Yaotome Hikaru of Hey! Say! JUMP)
   -Taiyo is a loving brother to his little sister. He never fails to make his friends laugh with his jokes and actions. He is playful and energetic.
Oda Ieyasu
   -Ieyasu is the apple of the eye of Taiyo. She is the most beautiful lady in school.
Sanretsu Kiro (Inoo Kei of Hey! Say! JUMP)
   -Kiro is a music lover. He is one of the most handsome students in their school. He is gentleman and kind. He is the best of friends of Taiyo.
Uchida Sumire
   -Sumire is the little sister of Taiyo. She is very closed with her brother and to her brother's friends. She loves music. She is one of the classmates and best friend of Chizu.
Sanretsu Hiro (Okamoto Keito of Hey! Say! JUMP)
   -Kiro's half brother is Hiro. He doesn't have a good relationship with his half brother. He is quiet but nice to others. Many people like him.
Tanaka Akira
   -Akira hates the boys so much. She doesn't feel comfortable with them. She gets easily annoyed. She really cares for her friends, most especially to Sumire.
Takata Shin (Morimoto Ryutaro of Hey! Say! JUMP)
   -Shin always acts like a big man even he is only a very young man in looks. He thinks more matured compared with his friends who are older than him.
Kuramoto Kumi
   -The youngest and cutest in Girls's Club is Kumi. She is very talkative and playful. She is Akemi's best friend.
Kataoka Jiro (Nakayama Yuma of NYC)
   -Jiro loves to play baseball. He is the hottest student in their school. He is quiet but cool!
Shikata Meidi
   -Meidi is a big fan of Jiro. She is a top student and she tries to be active in sports so that she could join with Jiro in training. She is the pretty sister of Ryuya.
Kazama Ren (Miura Haruma)
   -Ren is cool but soft-hearted when it comes about the girls. Ryuya doesn't like him.
Tanaka Suzushii
   -Suzushii is lovable and cute. She loves dancing. She is energetic. She is the cousin of Akira.
Tanabe Murachi (Kyomoto Taiga of Bakada Boys)
   -Murachi has a girly-like face but he is so manly in moves. He always experiences bullying because of his looks.
Suzuki Fumiko
   -Fumiko is a lovely lady. She is a working student. Her friends describe her as a hard-working person.

Dreams Come True (Hikka-chan's Manga)

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Takaki Yuya as himself
                  Nakama Hikari
Nakajima Yuto as himself              Uchi Naomi
Yabu Kota as himself                      Tegoshi Nami
Okamoto Keito as himself             Umiro Hoshira
Inoo Kei as himself                          Misora Hachi
Yaotome Hikaru as himself            Higashi Mizuo
Chinen Yuuri as himself                 Maruyama Sakura
Morimoto Ryutaro as himself        Nakata Ame
Arioka Daiki as himself                    Hamada Aichie
Yamada Ryosuke as himself         Nakagawa Raiki

Other Cast:
Nakama Yukie
as herself
Shiroyama Riku

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